Material & Installation Consultant


I have done everything. I have installed stone, I have fabricated it, I have estimated it, Sold it and everything in between. Now because of all of that experience I do Expert Repair & Maintenance.

I Know how overwhelming the process of choosing the slabs, deciding what kind of stone to go with might be. A lot of those decisions will impact how much money and time you will spend on maintenance of that stone you purchase.

I know how difficult it is to know if Your installation went well. If everything is done right and to the highest standard. If your countertop installation is done right it will save you a ton of aggravation and headache in the future.

I work as a Material & Installation Consultant. I will help you find out if you got the right or an inflated price. I will go with you to help you choose the stone, inspect the slabs and make sure the material is high grade.

I will vet the fabricator and be there when the stone is installed to inspect quality and provide you piece of mind so you are sure You got what You paid for.

My consulting services are yours if you require them. I have over 20 years experience in this field. Im not a designer that has an idea of this. I know this, I breathe this and I have lived it every day for 20 years.

Contact me for pricing. Thank You.